About Us

Kristen’s jewelry flirts with a balance between soft and edgy forms. Three visually cohesive, but conceptually distinct collections are currently being shown: Relic, Mineralize, & Explore. Relic is inspired by Mediterranean & Egyptian relics and precious objects. Mineralize examines the growth & erosion of stones & minerals. Explore is a more abstract collection. The pieces are representative of concepts that we, as humans, strive to understand concretely, existentially, & philosophically. Pieces explore & abstractly represent ideas such as self, destruction, time, spirit & creation.


fLuxe Jewelry is a line made from hand-sawing pieces from copper sheet metal & then finishing with enameling and/or oxidation. To create the unique patinas, Kristen gets to be a mad scientist of sorts. She hand mixes the chemicals & then applies them to add color to the metal. The enameling process is done by layering glass powder on the copper & fusing it to the metal by firing it in a kiln.


Kristen Kramlich has been creating jewelry since 2009. Her work has been featured in magazines, such as Divergent & Art Jewelry Magazine.


All oxidized pieces are sealed for protection, but copper jewelry should not be worn in the shower or while swimming.